Wildlife Safaris

Experience an untouched world of perfect hushed silences and raw wildlife moments.

Here in the African wilderness, you begin your journey into the soul of Africa. It’s one that engages all your senses from the very first moment sparked to life when you first hear the distance roar of a lion, the laugh of a hyena in the night, or the song of thousands of cicada beetles at midday. Then experience the heightening of these senses when you first spot a rare leopard hidden in a tree, or feel the ground vibrate as a herd of giant elephants cross right in front of you. 

With the ever-present sun shining on your face, (or on the brim of your safari hat) the African wild is yours to explore. Leave your trip on the hands of a friendly game ranger, an expert on absolutely everything there is to know about the wild, who’ll charm, intrude and leave your head spinning with the facts and fascinating myths of the world you’re entering. Start the day the way nature intended, at the crack of dawn-to see the wild residents emerge for a quick drink from the busy waterhole as the sun begins to rise over the iconic bushveld scenery. Then with your trusty guide by your side, track a herd of buffaloes as they amble along the great open expanses. And after a day of never-to-be forgotten sights and safaris moments, it’s time to return to the warmest embrace of luxury lodges and some of the friendliest hosts around. When you’ve eaten enough for a herd of elephants and shared all your favorite stories of the day, it’s finally time to drop into bed and be lulled to sleep by the sound of the bush.

Whatever experience you are after, Africa has accommodated for any budget-from luxury lodges to camping under a million stars. And it’s not just a classic bushveld safari like you know it: our wildlife experiences spread through lush forest, wetlands, beaches, rivers, and deserts. Choose from guided game-vehicles tours, to relaxing walks, horseback and river safaris or take it all in from the air, as you fly over the landscape in a hot air balloon.

You’ll soon feel that this world moves at its own speed, and to witness it and be part of it, is something you won’t forget. Coming this close to nature is a vivid reminder of why we have been inspired by the untouched wild.

Active Adventure

Free the adventurous spirit within come play!

Stepping up to the edge of the world’s highest bridge bungee jump, you heart hammers in yours chest as your eyes widen at the site of the valley way down below. Then, you go for it! You push forward from the bridge, dropping down at what feels like a million miles an hour, into the gorge beneath you. The wind at what feels like a million miles an hour beneath you. The wind roaring in your ears, your heart pounding even more than ever, and all your senses are electrified. You are flying free. Then with a tug, you’re swinging back up towards the sky, catching you’re breath as you get ready to experience it all over again on the next plunge. This is what adventure tourism min Africa does to you. It’s these feelings that come with every experience that stick with you forever. The awesome people you meet along the way or who share the thrill with you make these memories even sweeter. 

If you want to tick some items off the bucket list, this is the best place to do it. Take on your first shark-cage cage diving experience, and stare straight into the eyes of a majestic Great White Shark. Try adventuring along Africa’s famous rivers, in white-knuckled rafting experiences, cruising gently in some places before simply roaring past the riverbanks in a frenzy of white-water adrenalin. These are no everyday moments.

Then prepare to have you mind boggled by thousands of migrating sardines, followed closely by hungry dolphins and fish, during the world-famous Sardine Run or get the hiking boots on head out on the popular and challenging Otter, Dolphin or Tsitsikama Falls hiking trails or climb to the top of the Mount Kilimanjaro or Table Mountain to see thousands of indigenous plants species and a view of the Cape Town that will stay with you forever.

Whatever your pleasure, Africa is an endless outdoor playground that will make you feel alive and free. From sky diving to quad biking, hot air ballooning to windsurfing, treetop zip lining or sailing along the coastline-there’s no shortage of raw adventures and “wow” moments surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful scenery.

City Lifestyle

Meet the Rainbow Nation in buzzling cities bursting with color and life

While the frenetic energy of big city always commands attention, An African City like Johannesburg does more than that-it takes you by the hand and leads you into the heart of a place that constantly surprises, invigorates and charms, where the unexpected becomes the reality. 

South Africa’s City of Gold is where you’ll feel true urban energy packed with local color, flavor and soul. Hang out with the trendiest locals at street-side cafes, overlooked by contemporary apartment blocks or get your taste buds revved up and ready to try everything you can see or smell at weekend food market, aroma,-filed coffee shops or some of the finest restaurants on the continent that are dotted throughout the city. There’s always something on the streets, among Jozi’s high rise buildings. Join genuinely fun and friendly urban Africa’s cocktail on packed rooftop bars, or meet the at art galleries brimming with culture and expression. This is a place like another, where you can create some of your most vivid memories while making a whole lot of new friends.

Cape Town is one of the world’ favorite cities, a place so beautiful, one picture is enough to sell it to anyone. In this stunning city, the locals almost outshine the sights and their famous mountain, with a repetitive to keep you smiling, chatting and dancing throughout your stay. City life doesn’t stop there, Africa has plenty more remarkable cities to explore like Durban on the semi-tropical east coast, where beach life lives in perfect harmony with an energetic modern city or feel perfectly at home in the historic harmony with an energetic modern city or feel perfectly at home in the historic coastal city of Port Elizabeth, known as the Friendly City to many.

Every African city has its own unique story to tell, and the best people to tell those stories are the locals themselves. So let us be your host to all the hot spots, dance sports, taste experiences and best-kept secrets around the cities we call home.

Cultural Roots

Take a journey of discovery from the roots of all humanity to a human story that inspired the world.

It was her in Africa that the world’s human story first began a staggering four million years ago. Today a World Heritage Site, South Africa’s Cradle of Humankind stands as humbling evidence of the earliest origin of modern humans, who lived and evolved here at the tip of the continent before spreading to the rest of the world. This is where it all started and we can’t wait to welcome you home. 

The spirit of ancient Africa can still been seen today at the site of the lost iron Age Kingdom of Mapungubwe, an advanced civilization famous for its gold, which was traded as far as Asia hundreds of years ago. That spirit lives on in culture tradition and myths, none more fascinating than the Limpopo province’s rain Queen Modjadji rules today.

Journey back to a time of war in KwaZulu-Natal, and walk the haunting battlefields where the mighty Zulu Kingdom fought under the reign of the warrior King Shaka Zulu. Then meet the proud Zulu culture of today at one of many cultural villages, and be charmed by their animal prints, art, food and traditions passed down over centuries. Of course, you can’t’ leave South Africa without immersing yourself in the inspiring story of Nelson Mandela. Follow step his footsteps from humble beginnings at Mvezo in the Eastern Cape to his former home in Soweto and on to the tiny prison cell on Robben Island where he spent 18 of his 27 years in prison.

While Africa embodies our most ancient roots, we have evolved into an amazing mix of modern cultures. Share in the truly African urban and rural setting that celebrates our diversity and way of life, like buzzing urban markets, famous townships like Soweto, cosmopolitan bars filled with contemporary beats and good times theatres, jazz clubs and traditional restaurants to mention a few.

To be in Africa is to feel part of a story that goes back to the start of out shred humanity, the first chapter of our history and everyone else’s, and to be welcomed back “home” not as a traveler but as a friend.

Coastal Beach

Free your imagination and let the waves lift your soul, all along our sun-soaked coast

There’s nothing more amazing than getting right up close to a hundred dancing and diving dolphins, their splashes speckling your camera lens with water. Nothing stops time like the explosion of sound and feeling of pure awe as a Southern right whale breaches the blue ocean just meters away from you. No moment is more dreamlike than standing in frozen silence, witnessing baby loggerhead turtles hatch in the moonlight and make their awkward way to the ocean for the very first time these are the moments that makes Africa special.

Explore Africa’s natural wetlands where fauna and vegetation range from thickets and woodland marshes ,forest and reeds, home to hippo, crocodiles, black rhino, thousands of fish and bird species that go on with life just like they have for thousands of years. Be a welcome guest in their world, go hiking along the famous trails, crossing secrete beaches, jumping over hidden rock pools and stopping to watch ocean sunset with only the waves for company.

Come experience beach days that feel like they should never end and the finest beach-side hotels to spoil you when eventually do. Africa’s sun soaked coast lies ready all year round to share its secrets, adventure and lazy days with you.

Scenic Outdoors

See where breathtaking nature stretches out in every direction to horizons that never end

Among mountains that look like they’ve been painted on the horizon and wide open panoramas that run further than your eyes can see, an elastic thread of panoramas than run further than our eyes can see, an elastic thread of tarmac transports you’re through a country that shifts and changes right before your eyes. From some of the world’s most ancient landscape like the awe –inspired plains of the lonely Karoo to the Limpopo bushveld and the incredible Tsitsikama forest, secluded beaches or the valleys of some of the most beautiful winelands you will ever see, you can’t’ help but feel you are somewhere special. .

Lust us introduce you to our places of wonder that make us swell with pride and take our breaths away again and again, Come stand on at the top of the mesmerizing Blyde River Canyon and feel your eyes try in vain to take in every inch of this enormous artwork of nature. Crane your neck up to see the mind blowing peaks of the Drakensberg Mountains raising above you like gigantic castle towers and explore the world’s largest collection of ancient San Rock Art, preserved on the rock faces and hidden caves and if you stick around for the cool winter months you might get to see these famous mountains capped in pure white snow. Follow the path of their foothills into the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and get lost in a world of artist’ villages, cool streams, farm, dotted with plump cattle and friendly guesthouses all enriched with African culture and locals who absolutely love sharing their beautiful part of the country.

Every day in scenic in Africa, ends with a horizon to look out on. Whether you enjoy it either friends, welcoming locals or just by yourself as you contemplate the world going by, its sure to create the kind of memories that will stay with you forever.